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Security Materials

a solution for those companies that need to print material with a high degree of security.

High quality printing and finishing

Delivery throughout europe

Die cut dividers

printed on polypropylene.

Approved product

certified binding and rings, with maximum durability.

Our Company

More than 30 years.

Fragma is a company with more than 30 years of history, focused on offering high quality products.
We are specialized in printing materials that require a special finish and extra security.

Expert team in printing solutions

Personalized solution for each client


Our printing materials

In addition to other training and marketing materials, we print and distribute specific materials.


Front and back cover of polypropylene with 22 holes and metal ring and bags on the back, plastic and silk-screened dividers.


These folders, in A5 format, are made using a sturdy material and are hand-sewn with three rings. They have pockets to hold the cover and spine.


printed using 100 gram paper, each sheet is subjected to a matte anti-scratch lamination process, avoiding shine.


printed on 90-gram paper.

They have 4 perforations of 6 mm diameter for A4 and 3 perforations for A5, the printer is inkjet, thus avoiding glare.

Work Cards

Work cards are printed on high-quality Colotech paper of 160 grams.

Each sheet is laminated with an anti-scratch matte finish.

Key benefits

Internal Production

Highest security control standards

All information always safe